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Our certified team offers thorough fireplace and dryer vent inspections to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Fire Prevention Education

We provide free home fire safety inspections and educate homeowners on potential fire hazards and prevention measures included with all our services.

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With our CSIA and CDET certifications and firefighter experience, you can trust our expertise in fire safety.

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About Firestop Chimney Services

Firestop Chimney Services was founded by Cody, a seasoned industry professional with years of firefighter experience. With a strong commitment to fire prevention in the home, our company offers a range of services designed to ensure the safety and functionality of fireplaces, dryer vents, and more across Tuscaloosa, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Our team is CSIA and CDET certified, ensuring the highest quality service for our customers. We prioritize fire safety education and offer free home fire safety inspections with every service. At Firestop Chimney Services, our mission is to keep your home safe and secure.

Certified chimney sweep in Alabama.
Certified dryer exhaust technician in Alabama.

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